George Greenamyer, Heritage Schooner for Debra Lakin, September 30, 1998, 1998

forged and fabricated steel, steel pipe, machined steel and mechanical parts, granite base, industrial enamel paints

George Greenamyer’s Schooner Heritage for Debra Lakin, 1998, pays homage to Laumeier’s former  Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Debra Lakin. Greenamyer was approached by Lakin to create a commemorative sculpture shortly before her passing in 1998. The piece is a narrative illustration of her personal and professional family. The kinetic schooner depicts the boat Lakin had traveled on in Maine. She sits at the bow playing her favorite music by Claude Debussy. Her faithful German Shepherd sits behind her, along with former Laumeier employees who hold blocks of ice and fire to represent past festivities at the Park. Her brother and sister are also along for the adventure carrying meaningful symbols such as a Mickey Mouse hat and an evergreen tree. Lastly, Lakin’s parents are seated at the tiller safely guiding the boat and its passengers through the wind.

Laumeier Sculpture Park Commission with funds raised to commemorate Debra Lakin

Location: Children's Sculpture Garden